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          分類: 增強型塑料絕緣子(3)  發布時間: 2013-03-29 21:25 

          商品名稱: PG-03
          商品編號: c03

          Insulators used in fixing power rail are not only fixing devices but also isolation devices in power supply rail system, and they can be divided into traditional ceramic insulators and new-type plastic insulators according to the materials, and can also be divided into vertical insulators and horizontal insulators according to the arrangement. 

            增強型塑料絕緣子Enhancement-type Plastic Insulators
            針對原來的塑料絕緣子存在結構精度差,耐磨性差,強度和韌性不夠,在溫度較低和較高的環境下易發生尺寸變化等缺點,在對材料進行增強改性處理的同時, 對傳統絕緣子的結構進行了改進,即在傳統絕緣子的卡盤頂部增加了一個鋁合金嵌入件,由于鋁合金嵌入件的加工精度容易得到保證,在加上對其表面進行了陶瓷化 處理,不僅有助于提高整個絕緣子的結構精度,而且大大提高了產品的耐磨性。其次,通過對絕緣體材料的改性,從另一個方面也大大提高了制品尺寸穩定性、其機 械強度、耐高低溫等性能。
          By aiming at such weaknesses of previous plastic insulators as poor structural precision, weak abrasive resistance, insufficient strength and toughness, and being easy to show dimensional change in the environment with lower or higher temperature, change is given to structure of traditional insulators at the same time of giving enhancement and modification to materials, namely an aluminum alloy insert is added on top of chuck of traditional insulators, which can not only promote structural precision of the whole insulator but also enhance abrasive resistance of the products greatly, for machining precision of aluminum alloy insert is easy to be guaranteed, and ceramic treatment is given to the surface. Secondly, by giving modification to materials of insulators, such properties as dimensional stability, mechanical strength and high-low temperature resistance of products can also be promoted enormously.  
          This product has been awarded invention patent , and it has been applied in national 863 Program of Major Special Pilot Line Project of High-speed Maglev Transportation Technology.

            陶瓷豎直支撐絕緣子 Ceramic Vertical Supporting Insulators  
            用于剛性供電線路安裝、固定的絕緣子,主要用于供電軌正線線路段的安裝、支撐固定,由陶瓷絕緣體、上下金屬附件構成。在上、下附件上開設圓錐安裝聯接 面,使用更少的螺紋連接(最少為2處),能夠在較小的空間內實現較大范圍的空間調整并精確定位鎖固,且現場實施方便快捷、穩定可靠。目前該產品已申請發明 專利。
          Insulators for installation and fixing of rigid power supply lines are mainly used in installation, supporting and fixing of main line segments of power supply rail, and they are composed of ceramic insulators and up and down metal accessories. The action of opening cone installation and connection planes in up and down accessories can use lesser threaded connections (2 at least), realize wider-range spatial adjustment in a smaller space, and give accurate positioning and locking, with convenient and rapid, stable and reliable field implementation. Presently, the product has applied for invention patent .  

            陶瓷水平支撐絕緣子 Ceramic Horizontal Supporting Insulators
          They are mainly used in installation, supporting and fixing of branch line segments of power supply rail, and they are composed of ceramic insulators and up and down metal accessories. Threaded connection holes shall be opened in up and down accessories, and screw bolts shall be used to connect with rail body and installation datum plane respectively. Moreover, they have simple structure and are stable and reliable.

          Main Technical Parameters of Insulators