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          分類: 常規連接支架(2)  發布時間: 2013-03-29 21:28 

          商品名稱: 普通鏈接支架1
          商品編號: 普通鏈接支架1

            我公司開發的“萬向支架系統”由包含金屬上下附件和絕緣瓷瓶構成的絕緣子、支座支架兩大部分構成。連接穩固、定位精確,可調節范圍大、安裝方便快捷。 這套支架系統分為常規連接支架和錨固連接支架兩類,現已申請發明專利。
          The universal support system developed by our company consists of two parts, namely the insulator, including the upper & lower metal accessories and porcelain insulator, and the support. It is characterized by firm connection, accurate positioning, wide adjustable range and installation convenience and rapidness. This set of support system is classified into conventional connection support and anchorage connection support, the patent for invention has been applied for .

          常規連接支架絕緣子上附件是圓錐孔連接,軌體安裝槽內置一個可旋轉的連接卡扣,卡扣尾端通過一個帶有定位凸臺的圓錐面以及圓錐面尾端的螺紋連接與絕緣子上 附件相應的圓錐孔實現定位、鎖固。通過各個連接位置的圓錐面和支架系統條孔間的相對轉動,可以實現供電軌安裝面相對于土建安裝基面的多方向大范圍調節,完 全消除土建誤差帶來的影響,整個支架系統最少只需要6處螺紋連接,現場安裝施工簡單、使用牢固可靠,后期免維護。
          The conventional connection support is applied to installation and positioning of the rail body in the cross section of the line and is used the most in the whole line. It is required to position the rail body accurately along the directions of axes Y and Z of the line while the rail body and the support can slide relatively along the direction of axis X. 
          The upper accessory of the conventional connection support insulator is connected through a conical hole; a rotatable connection clamp is provided in the installation slot of the rail body; the tail end of the clamp is positioned and locked with corresponding conical hole of the upper accessory of the insulator by means of a conical surface with positioning boss and the threaded connection at the tail end of the conical surface. Multidirectional wide-range adjustment of the installation surface of power supply rail relative to the civil installation base plane can be realized by means of relative rotation between the conical surfaces in various connection positions and the support system hole to eliminate the impact brought about by the civil errors completely. Requiring threaded connections in at least 6 positions only, the whole support system is featured by simplicity of field installation construction, firm reliability in use and freedom from maintenance in the final stage.